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Protect your property with Cerco Eléctrico®

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An effective security system must have the ability to evolve to confront new challenges without loosing its essence . A strong ,yet simple, principle: human aversion to electricity, combined with an integrated alarm system with local or remote alarm reaction to an intrusion. This non lethal combination will make an intruder think it twice before even attempting to break in a property protected by a security electric fence.


We are leaders in the Electric Fencing installations

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Sistema Energico s.a. started operations in 1998 jumpstarting what nowdays is a whole new economic activity, perimeter protection using high voltage + alarm. Today, many years after, we are still market leaders, but, above all, leaders in innovation and service.


Payment options

Sistema Energico S.A. offers several pay options . Credit Card, Credifacil Mercantil (up to 36 months financing) , and special plans for Condominums

Maintenance Contracts

Sistema Enérgico S.A., offers Mantainance Contracts designed to facilitated service processes, lowering operational costs helping to extend the system life span.

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Toll free number 0800 ENERGIA (3637442)

Or call to our Service Department: (58 212) 317.4732 / 317.4735 / (58 414) 322.2342
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